Indic Threads Conference comes to Delhi

IndicThreads have been organizing Independent Technology conferences in Pune since 2006. They have conducted several very successful and high quality conferences in the areas of Java, Cloud Computing, Mobile Development and others. A complete listing of their conferences is available here.

I have spoken in IndicThreads conferences on couple of occasions in 2009 and 2010. After having thoroughly enjoyed the experience, I talked several times with Harshad Oak and Sangeeta Oak, people behind Indic Threads about the need of such a conference in Delhi area as well. At the start of 2012, the ideas finally materialized and they both decided to plan an Indic Threads conference in Gurgaon. With this followed several discussions about the suitable venue, partners, spreading the word, speakers and all the logistics to have an impact-ful Inaugural session of the conference.

With previous history of Indic Threads and our local contacts, an impressive list of Speakers covering a wide array of topics was managed. We were able to find an appropriate venue in the form of Fortune Select Hotel in Gurgaon.

Finally everything came together on Friday, 13th July when the conference started at 9:00 AM with more than 70 participants joining in. Proceedings were kick-started by an Inaugural address from Sanket Atal, CTO of about how to become 10x SoftwareEngineer. Considering it being a Technology conference for and by Software Developers, I felt it to be very apt way of getting started. Next 2 days were full of interesting talks on wide area of domains we as Software developers are expected to work on. This included JavaEE7 platform, NoSQL Databases, Mobile Applications, Scala, Hadoop and Node.js.

I also presented my experiences on Machine Learning. The slides for my talk are embedded below:

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